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Stirling Highland Dancers is the one stop answer for Scottish cultural entertainment. My Clients’ wishes are my first priority and I serve them with honour and pride.


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Mr. Alan Prentice,

Stirling Highland Dancers


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About Me

My primary focus is to listen to your needs, understand your concept and meet your demands. I am always looking for opportunities to provide various alternatives and assist you in deciding music and dances.


I believe in robust communications with our clients. I interact with the guests and explain the background to each dance and music, this makes it more interactive and interesting for the audience.   

Creative Process

My name is Alan Prentice and I live in Stirling, Scotland.


I have been piping for many years, and as well as piping I can supply Highland and National dancers to clients for all types of events, both business and social.


Like many pipers, I started my piping career in pipe bands, but for over 20 years I have specialised in solo engagements and the specialised piping required for accompanying Highland dancers.  To the best of my knowledge I am the only person in the greater Stirling area who supplies dancers and entertainment for such functions. I would be pleased to give you a fee quote for a booking for either a solo piper or a complete dancing display.


I put on a high quality show which is popular for all types of events and functions. Mt dancers and I are professionals and we believe in giving good entertainment value for our clients with cutting edge programs.


I believe in providing a good, friendly and quality service. Customer satisfaction is my top priority. I value every client’s wishes and dreams with respect and make their event a special one.


"By all accounts, you were brilliant. The client was very pleased, so thanks again."

"Alan, you and your dancers were an experts and we loved your piping, it was terrific.

"You added a lovely touch to our day and our guests all commented on what a nice atmosphere you created."

We have been busy doing shows in places as far as Holland, Norway, Machester, Stafford, Birmingham and London as well as Scotland.

We have been delivering high quality shows which are popular for business and corporate functions as a 20-30 minute cabaret show of Highland and National dancing.

We keep our visitors up to date on what's happening in our business

This year has been a terrific year for my business. My company is busier than usual. So if you want my services please contact me as soon as you can.

This is my 10th year at the Stirling Highland hotel to supply dancers once or twice a week for several months of the year and play for them, the format is that we do 3 slots of Highland, National, and Irish dancing respectively.

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